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Laser Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a modern dental technique that uses lasers to perform various dental procedures. This technique uses a highly focused beam of light energy to remove or reshape oral tissues, such as the gums or teeth. Laser dentistry can be used for both cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. With all the technologically advanced treatments, SmileCare is prominently known to provide the best laser dentistry in Hyderabad. 


Why Choose Dental Laser Treatment Over General Dentistry?

Laser dentistry provides an enhanced and specialized form of dental care for better experience and quality. Dental laser treatment uses a focused beam of light to treat various dental conditions. While general dentistry can address a wide range of dental problems, there are some specific advantages to choosing laser dentistry over general dentistry:

Laser Dentistry Procedures

Soft Tissue Procedures

Common soft tissue laser procedures include:


Gingivectomy, also known as gum contouring or gum reshaping, is a cosmetic dental procedure that reshapes the gum line by removing gum tissue. It’s commonly used to reduce a gummy smile


Laser frenectomy removes or reduces the frenum or frenulum, a piece of connective tissue between the upper or lower lip and the gums. This can be done to prevent gaps between the teeth (diastema) and gum tissue defects.

Gum Disease Treatment

Lasers can be used to painlessly sterilize deep periodontal pockets, eliminating the bacteria that cause gum disease. This can help prevent more invasive gum surgery from becoming necessary later on

Excess Tissue Removal

Poorly fitted dentures can sometimes cause a overgrowth of gum tissue due to constant irritation. A laser can be used instead of a scalpel to remove this extra tissue

Hard Tissue Procedures

Common hard tissue laser procedures include:

Dental Crown Lengthening

Before getting dental restorations, such as a crown, your tooth may require crown lengthening. This procedure reshapes the underlying bone to expose healthy tooth structure

Tooth Decay Treatment

Some lasers can detect tooth decay (cavities) early. They can also kill decay-causing bacteria and remove cavities without using traditional drilling methods.

Hypersensitivity Treatment

Dentin hypersensitivity can occur when your enamel is so worn that the tubules underneath it are exposed. These tubules can be sealed with laser treatment, causing the nerve endings within your teeth to be less affected by heat and cold

Other Procedures

Other laser dentistry treatments include:

Tartar removal (deep cleaning)

Treatment for canker sores, leukoplakia, and other oral lesions

Exposing wisdom teeth before removal

Laser teeth whitening


The cost of laser dentistry can vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as the type of laser used, the specific procedure being performed, and the geographic location of the laser dental clinic. In general, laser dentistry tends to be more expensive than traditional dental treatments due to the high cost of the equipment and the specialized training required for dentists to use lasers safely and effectively

How to know that you need Invisible Aligners?

You may prefer to have Invisible aligners if you are facing dental health issues, as mentioned in the following:

Benefits of Invisible aligners

Why Choose Smile Care Dental Hospital for Invisible aligners?

Our process is painless as our dental care.

Treatment with invisible aligners is highly effective and convenient when only performed by reliable and experienced dental care experts.
We understand you may have multiple options, but we promise you the best solution. At SmileCare Dental Hospital, we have a team of exceptional dental specialists with expertise in delivering invisible aligners. With dentists of such caliber, you can be sure of the quality of consultation and treatment offered.